Friday, October 24, 2014

How To Maximize Storage Space

No matter where we live, it always seems a little difficult to get the maximum amount of storage space we need. It could just take time for us to use all the storage space in our homes, but once you run out of room, what do you do? Getting the right amount of storage space is important and even if luxury townhomes have a few walk-in closets, you can still fill them up to max capacity. However, check out these tips that can increase your storage space with just a bit of organizing.
  • Closet: If your closet is packed full of clothes, shoes, hangers and whatever else you’re trying to store away, consider some nifty closet organizers. You can get a custom, built-in look with closet organizers from a department store. They typically require basic tools, but once you have installed them into your closet, you’ll immediately notice a difference in storage. They give your closet more dimension and surface area so you can hang your clothes and put away your shoes without a cluttered look. Also, consider getting rid of old, unwanted clothes by donating them to a foundation. This tactic can also free up valuable storage space.
  • Under The Bed: If you have a raised bed then you have a perfect area to store items. You might be thinking that items under your bed will look unsightly, but, you have to get a little creative with storage bins. You can find low profile storage bins that can glide right under your bed. Consider heading to your local IKEA store because they have storage bins that are perfect for under-the-bed applications.
  • Living Room: If you still have a massive amount of overflow items that you want to store, consider getting a deep storage ottoman. These can be found at most retailers and serve multiple purposes. They will have hollow insides where you can place many items and close the lid to have a comfy foot rest or extra seating space if you need it. None of your friends will know anything is in the ottoman!
  • Kitchen: Your kitchen can sometimes be the most cramped space in terms of food storage and utensils. With that being said, you can maximize the space in your kitchen by adding a low-profile shelving unit that sits about waist high. Like in the picture above, this shelving unit can have deep pockets where you can place storage baskets in them to hide grocery items, kitchen appliances, aluminum foil – the list can go on. While you’re at it, you can even use the shelving unit as an island or have it up against a wall for extra counter space.
Before you start looking for bigger luxury townhomes, check out the storage options available to you. While you start to save space and maximize your storage, you could be increasing your homes’ aesthetic appeal – making your space more enjoyable!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How To Prepare For A Lease

Congratulations! You’ve decided to look for a new place to live which is an exciting time in your life. You’ve narrowed down your search from the numerous luxury townhomes you’ve looked at and now it’s time to move forward. With this new change, are you prepared to sign for a lease? Preparing for a lease can take some time but you should get all your proper documents and paperwork in order before you sign away. Be sure you have the following things covered before your lease starts:

1.      Renters Insurance. If you haven’t had renters insurance before, you may want to check some rates for the specific place you have in mind. Renters insurance is more than likely a must-have requirement in the lease agreement you are looking at. This type of insurance will cover any damages that may occur during your occupancy. Also, if you were to experience a loss of some sort, like a natural disaster, the insurance will be able to replace the things that were damaged.
2.      Security Deposit. Many times you will come across a lease agreement that requires some type of money up front. This is very typical when looking at townhomes, apartments and anywhere else that requires a lease. They may range from a nominal fee to upwards of a month or two’s rent. Don’t be discouraged if you face such a situation because these types of deposits are looking out for the landlord’s property. Just be ready to have some type of money set aside specifically for a deposit if needed.
3.      Credit Check. In addition to the security deposit, some leases will require a credit check before the process can be finished. With that being said, make sure you monitor your credit score and fix any problems it may have. This will increase your odds of securing a new place!
4.      Service Providers. Once you have the above checked out and in line, you should begin to look for service providers in the area you are moving to. Do you want TV cable service and internet? Hunt around online to find the best provider with the best deal to fit your budget.
5.      Utilities. Often times, you will need to put various utilities in your name like electric, gas and water before you officially move in. Be sure you find out what companies manage those utilities and set up the accounts to begin service on the day you move in so you can have those amenities active.

After you have everything ready to go for your lease, you can continue preparing for the move. Don’t forget to furnish your new luxury townhome so you can start living comfortably!

Bonus Tip: Make sure you measure your new place to ensure your furniture will fit. Take measurements of the entryways, stairwells, hallways and tight corners!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

City Living Without the City Price

Imagine living in an area that can put your within minutes of the Manhattan Financial District and close by to numerous entertainment attractions in New York. In an ideal world, you could have all that within a stone’s throw for a price that isn’t as high as the Empire State Building. Well that lifestyle can easily be fulfilled by living in luxury apartments in North Jersey.

Nothing beats location and nothing can beat price which is why choosing to live in luxury apartments in North Jersey is your best option for close proximity to Manhattan. Choosing apartments in towns like Edison, South Plainfield and even in New Brunswick all provide easy access to major highways and offer prime locations. What interesting is that Manhattan has a population of about 1.6 million people and during the weekdays about the same amount of people commute from outside the city to work, doubling the amount of people! Also, Manhattan draws in more commuters than any other county in the country. According to the NY Times, nearly 400,000 of those commuters are from New Jersey.

There’s an apparent reason why all those people don’t live in Manhattan and that could simply be because of price. The cost of living in Manhattan is notoriously higher than surrounding areas and the reasons are apparent - it’s one of the biggest cities in the world! However, when you live in North Jersey you don’t have to worry about higher living costs and hard to find parking spots. Luxury apartments in North Jersey are far enough away when you need a break from the buzz across the water but close enough to be within minutes of the city.

Another benefit of living in North Jersey is that you get more bang for your buck. Who wouldn’t want top-notch features, a prime location and a comfortable living style? Whether you work in Manhattan or you are just looking to explore the city on a regular basis, consider picking a place in North Jersey to fit your needs.

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