Monday, September 12, 2016

Why New Jersey Residents Love Townhome Living

Are you ready to become a homeowner? If you're in the market for a new home, you might be considering buying a townhome. New luxury townhomes in NJ are very desirable among New Jersey residents because they can combine some of the perks of renting with the perks of owning a home. As with living in an apartment community, you have little maintenance responsibility and can enjoy great communal amenities, plus the social interaction that comes with them. As a homeowner, you can build equity, make stylistic changes to your home, enjoy more living space, and best of all, have a special place to truly call your own. While there are many advantages to owning a townhome, here are some of the major benefits: 

Shared Amenities 
One of the biggest perks of townhome living is you that you can enjoy similar communal amenities you may have enjoyed in an apartment community. Many townhome complexes offer great shared amenities, such as fitness centers, clubhouses, media rooms, business centers, swimming pools, and recreational parks, which make it feel like you're living at a luxury resort. These amenities also create a sense of community. When you enjoy these perks, you are likely running into the same people and thus becoming better acquainted with your neighbors. 

Low Maintenance 

Townhome owners have very few maintenance responsibilities, at least on the exterior of their homes. While you would need to patch holes in the wall from hanging picture frames or address plumbing issues, many townhome communities are responsible for maintenance items like lawn care, snow removal, cleaning the pool, and so on. Some communities even have a handyman that you can utilize should you need any in-home repairs. 

More Space 

One reason people chose to move from an apartment into a home is because they need more space. Townhomes generally provide occupants with more living and storage space. They typically offer more square footage than an apartment, plus your own personal plot of land. Many of our townhome units have finished basements and garages, which can be used as extra storage and/or living spaces.

These are just a few of the countless reasons that many New Jersey residents prefer luxury townhomes in NJ. Visit us online to check out our available listings and find the perfect townhome for you.

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