Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Benefits Of Living In A Townhome Community

Deciding what type of home you want to live in can be challenging, because you can't predict exactly how long you will live there and what changes you may need to accommodate the future. The conflict between what fits your budget and needs in the present, as well as what you will need in the future, adds some complexity to the decision. If you're torn between a single-family home and a townhome, it's a good idea to weigh the benefits of each. However, you'll often find that a townhome tends to come with more perks and advantages than the latter. Here are just a few of the great benefits that come with living in a townhome!

Community Amenities
One of the best advantages a townhome has over most traditional single-family homes is the number of amenities available in the community. Most townhome communities will provide residents with perks that can wind up saving you money in the long run. For instance, two communities in particular, The Crossings at Hamilton Station and Evergreen at Timber Glen, offer their residents access to resort-style swimming pools and state-of-the-art fitness centers, which saves money on gym memberships and swim club fees, while also providing residents with convenience because these perks are right in the neighborhood, a short walk from home. Additionally, townhome communities may feature access to other facilities like a clubhouse, a tennis court and even an on-site business center.

Reduced Costs
Typically speaking, townhouses don't usually cost as much as single-family homes in the same area because of the shared foundation and walls. Also, a townhouse may provide you with lower heating and cooling bills because of their construction style. Additionally, townhome living provides residents less responsibility when it comes to property maintenance and landscaping. In many cases, the homeowners association will take care of mowing the grass, raking the leaves, shoveling the snow and other responsibilities that are normally responsibilities of single-family home owners. This saves you time and money because you won't need a lawn mower or other yard upkeep equipment, nor will you need to hire a service if you’re away from home when a storm hits and still required to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Enhanced Safety
Since townhomes may have neighbors on both sides of the home, it's more difficult for a trespasser or burglar to go unnoticed if they are trying to partake in suspicious activity. Many townhouse communities are developed and laid out in a way to give a greater sense of community to all the residents and the streets are well-lit to ensure unusual activity is readily noticeable.

Community Guidelines
Speaking of the tight-knit, community-feel that's often attributed to the lifestyle of living in a townhome, the residents all follow a set of standards that govern the tranquility of the community. Residents agree to stay within the accordance of the community bylaws to keep many potential sources of argument or irritation more peaceful. For instance, the homeowner association will enforce community operations like trash removal and common area maintenance, and they also dictate other rules that ensure uniformity of the dwellings. With a townhome, there is less risk that your neighbors will have decorations or other elements on display that aren’t tasteful or that may interfere with your enjoyment of your own home.

When you are looking for new townhomes in NJ, make sure you understand that you're choosing a lifestyle that's second to none! With reduced property responsibilities, lower costs and community perks, your decision to move just got a whole lot easier.

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