Wednesday, September 17, 2014

4 Tips To Decorate Your Luxury Apartment For The Fall

It’s time to pack up that summer themed décor and embrace design that comes with autumn. Prepping your luxury apartment for a fall transition doesn’t take much but it will impress anyone who enters your door! When the fall arrives, a plethora of oranges, yellows and reds begin to change the outdoor scenery and you should bring those colors into your space. Consider these tips to intensify your luxury apartment and ‘awe’ guests:
  1. Entryway – The first space in your apartment you want to tackle is the entry way. Creating the best seasonal ambiance can easily be done by updating a few key things right at the door. Choose a high-end runner rug that can flow into your apartment. Look for a rug that has warm, fall colors and a simple, elegant design. This will immediately transport the autumn flow into the place you call home. If you have a display table near the front door, put seasonal items on it like pumpkins, decorative leaves and miniature, natural wreaths (you can typically find them at craft stores).
  2. Living room – Now that you have decorated the entryway, you want to continue the autumn theme into your main living space. Invest in throw pillows that bring the colors of fall into your space and pull out some fleece blankets that can easily be grabbed on a chilly North Jersey night. To keep your luxury apartment cozy, strategically place these items on furniture such as couches, but have them on display in an orderly manner to create that manicured yet ‘comfy’ look. Additionally, utilize the space provided by coffee tables and end tables. You can find unique and versatile drink coasters that have autumn designs – this will tie the space together even more.
  3. Bedroom – Changing up the feel in your bedroom can be as easy as changing the bedding! When replacing the bedding, look for fall themed comforters, sheets and pillowcases. The look itself will make your bedroom a warm and relaxing space. Add another sense into the mix and light some candles that smell like pumpkin pie!
  4. Restroom – There’s no need to complete a renovation in the bathroom to bring the fall indoors, all you have to do is swap out the towels. ‘Burnt’ orange towels, matching wash cloths and bathmats can tie together that autumn look in a flash.

Now that you have the basic framework of prepping your luxury apartment for fall, be sure to make it your own design with personal touches.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Tips to Go Green in Your Luxury Apartment

You don’t have to sacrifice the environment for luxury living and making the switch to go green is easier than you think. Owning a luxury apartment comes with many benefits, you get beautiful designs, gorgeous amenities and prime locations…and turning your pad into an ecofriendly place is simple! Check out these five tips that will save you money and help the environment!

  1. Switch all the lighting in your luxury apartment to CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs and throw away the impractical incandescent bulbs. CFL technology uses significantly less wattage by producing light instead of needing to convert the light into heat which is what incandescent bulbs do. You can swap out the bulbs in a matter of minutes and you could potentially start saving money on your electricity bill. Take for example a traditional, incandescent 60 watt light bulb – replacing that bulb with an equivalently bright CFL bulb cuts the wattage to 14! CFL bulbs also have a longer life compared to traditional light bulbs, so with that in effect, you also reduce the need to purchase them again.
  2. Turning off the thermostat and opening the windows cuts down the amount of energy your HVAC system must use. This simple task helps the environment and can help reduce the costs of heating and cooling. For example, during the fall, Luxury apartments in NJ can take advantage of this simple switch because of the drop in temperature.  Not only do the cooler temps bring more comfort, but they typically last for months. You have the potential of having fresh air enter your apartment for months!
  3. Swap out some appliances with “Energy Star” certified appliances. Depending on what you already have around your apartment, switching can be easy and inexpensive. Take for example a microwave that is 5 years old, it may be “Energy Star” certified, but in today’s market, newer appliances  with even better ratings are available!
  4. Wash your laundry with cold water instead of hot. Did you know about 80% of the energy used with hot water could be conserved if you make the switch? When doing so, you can also find laundry detergents that are specifically designed for cold water applications, meaning they will perform a wash just as well as hot water.
  5. Unplug unused electronics like DVD players, computers and all other neighboring electronic accessories. These devices will continue to suck up energy even if they are not being used, so while you are away or just not using them, unplug.
These simple tips are just a few ways to convert your place into an ecofriendly apartment. The next time you see your utility bill, let it serve as a reminder to conserve energy and make the switch!

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