Friday, May 22, 2015

4 Reasons Why New Construction Improves Your Lifestyle

relax at new condos in NJ
The real estate market is heating up as more people look for new places to call home. Since the summer is pretty much here, unofficially kicked off during Memorial Day weekend, many home hunters take advantage of the extended daylight and gorgeous weather to search for a new home. With that in mind, a new place should really be new because it'll give you more free time this summer to enjoy the things you love like visiting the beach, taking vacations and spending time with family & friends. Check out these four reasons why new construction residences should be on your radar!

1. Energy Efficiency
Over the years, building code standards have vastly improved which translates into more energy-efficient homes on the market. It's common knowledge that energy-efficient building materials result in low-cost energy bills which is always a nice perk. Considering the fact that utility bills account for a good chunk of living costs, new construction homes can immediately lower the costs which allows you to keep more money in your pocket. With the additional funds, you have the opportunity to use them however and whenever you like! Buy a new car, go on a shopping spree, save for retirement…the options are endless.  

2. Maintenance-Free Lifestyle
When you live in an older residence, things break, the roof needs replacing and the HVAC system needs to be repaired – all at a cost that you don’t want to front. However, with new construction, you can live a maintenance-free lifestyle for years and years to come. With the newest equipment and materials used during the building process, there's no need to worry about the AC quitting or the roof leaking. This type of lifestyle gives you back precious time to spend elsewhere! On top of that, some new condos in NJ even take care of landscaping, snow removal and cleaning the gutters. Forget the lawnmower and leave the snow shovel behind!

3. No Renovations Needed
Continuing appeal and attraction of new construction residences, there's no need to renovate or remodel. Some home renovations can cost tens of thousands of dollars and that could be just one room! With new construction, you get the latest trends, styles and designs that'll provide timeless beauty and charm. Best of all, a new home gives you a blank slate to work with so you can customize it to suit your personality.

4. Convenient Amenities
If you haven't noticed, developers, builders and property managers have moved towards establishing communities of new homes that feature desirable amenities and sought-after conveniences you might not find in older residences or neighborhoods on the market. This means you'll find a new place to call home that can boast resort-style features like a fitness center exclusively for community residents, a clubhouse with limitless entertainment and much more. Additionally, many of new construction communities are being strategically placed to provide residents with easy access to shopping, public transportation and major roadways, while being tucked away in their own ideal setting.

When you search for the next place to call home, look in-depth at the new construction options that can save you money, enhance your lifestyle and give you the time to enjoy the summer and every season after that! 

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Townhome Community Spotlight: The Villas at Fairway

Edgewood Properties is one of the most prominent luxury real estate companies in New Jersey and offers a wide variety of new construction townhomes throughout the state. While they have numerous communities in ideal locations, we chose this month to feature The Villas at Fairway, located in Piscataway, NJ. These townhomes are the perfect place to call home and feature everything you could wish for, including gorgeous interior finishes, local shopping and entertainment, and a lovely setting.

The Villas at Fairway is less than one mile from the Edison train station, making it extremely easy to commute to work, visit friends and family or just head to destinations like New York, Philadelphia, Trenton, Princeton and more. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, commuter, business professional or a couple looking to downsize, these new constructions can suit your lifestyle and budget.

In fact, the complex offers the option of a condo or townhome complete with a garage in select residences. Floorplans range from one to three bedrooms, with condos featuring between 779 and 1,214 square feet and townhomes featuring between 1,960 and 2,151 square feet. This is a big advantage for potential buyers, whose needs may be very different depending on their circumstances. For instance, a couple with children might find a three-bedroom townhome with a garage more useful than a single man looking for an easy way to commute to work would. At The Villas at Fairway, they can both get what they need! And no matter which option they choose, every new homeowner will appreciate the attention to detail that goes into every residence.

Community Benefits
When homeowners buy one of these magnificent townhomes, they get much more than a roof over their heads. The Villas at Fairway presents numerous benefits to its homeowners, such as a clubhouse with entertainment, a state-of-the-art fitness center (no need to pay for that expensive gym membership), an outdoor resort-style pool (just in time for summer fun), and professionally-landscaped grounds in a park-like setting.

And the inside of these homes is just as impressive as the exterior! The structures have everything you'd expect in a well-appointed townhome community, including an energy-efficient central air system, a programmable thermostat, economical gas-forced heating, a gas-fired water heater, R-13 wall insulation, and much more. Not only will owners save money on utilities, but they'll still be able to stay comfortable every day of the year. Additionally, homeowners will enjoy deluxe kitchens with beautiful cabinetry finishes, designer-inspired countertops, an energy-efficient gas oven and range, as well as an over-the-range microwave that vents to the outside.

Properties at the Villas at Fairway are limited and, as the home hunting season heats up, more and more townhomes and condos will be bought up. If you are a potential buyer interested in these properties, you'll need to act now!

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Friday, May 15, 2015

The Improved Economy & Your Business

Over the last few years, especially since the recession back in 2008, the economy has picked up steam with positive gains in many categories. The business climate has improved and consumers are more willing to spend their money on goods, services and entertainment. With that being said, the positive effects have rippled into beneficial outcomes for business owners everywhere. But what does the improving economy mean to your business?

Increased Competition
Since more business owners are seeing better than average sales and CEOs of large companies are expecting a gross domestic product increase of 2.8% this year, according to the Wall Street Journal, the shift in productivity may increase your competition. With numerous startups and mom & pop shops springing into the more stable commercial market, current business owners will need to beef up their marketing tactics to outshine their competitors.

Shrinking Square Footage
With the improved consumer traffic hitting the doors of business owners like a tidal wave, an increase in staffing will likely be needed to accommodate consumer demand which, in turn, lowers the unemployment rate. That being said, business owners may need to expand to larger spaces to handle new customer demand and to enhance day-to-day operations. But this expansion may make the commercial real estate market a battleground between business owners seeking larger spaces in popular areas.

Commercial Real Estate
To accommodate growing companies with bigger and better retail and work spaces, some businesses may opt to lease spaces rather than buy. This can put them into a larger space much faster than a mortgage which will allow them to capitalize on the rising consumer demand. Mortgaging a property costs more money upfront with hefty down payments and the length it takes to finalize all the paperwork is time consuming. A commercial property for lease in NJ saves business owners valuable time and gives them the option of growing into another space if they continue to expand.

If your business has seen positive changes due to the improved economy, it may be time to think about reevaluating your business plan. Take notice of customer traffic, sales, operational costs and the number of employees you need to fulfill growth. Once you've determined that you need to expand beyond your current workspace, it'll be time to find a new commercial property!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Springing Into a New Shore Apartment Community

Did you know that spring is the busiest time of year for home and apartment hunting? And the New Jersey shore area is no exception! With the arrival of nicer weather, people are more inclined to venture out and tour prospective places to live, filling the market with tons of potential renters. That being said, it is better to start looking now than later. The earlier you start the process, the more rental options you will have and the more time you will have to choose. Consider the different areas that you would like to live in, and the type of lifestyle you are looking for so that you are informed going in. This will help speed the process and ensure that you get the most appropriate place for your needs and desires.

Searching for an apartment in New Jersey is really a win-win situation in terms of location. There are tons of communities with easy access to cities and jobs, nightlife and the beach. Even if you live pretty close to the shore, you can be within easy distance of Philadelphia and New York, and even the Poconos, Washington D.C. or Baltimore for weekend trips. With summer on the horizon, living near the beach is even more appealing, as proximity to it means that trips there will be frequent, easy, and affordable. With the right choice of apartment communities in NJ, you'll be able to enjoy a lifestyle that everyone you know will envy.

Towns that provide a great balance between shore life and suburban life are often nestled just outside of the major beaches. This gives renters the opportunity to be a short distance from the beach without having to pay shore rental prices. Areas like Galloway, Mays Landing, Neptune and a handful of others are situated within minutes of popular beaches and offer great community amenities that you may not find elsewhere. Take, for instance, an apartment community in Galloway – it can provide you with conveniences that you may not find in other shore apartments, such as ample parking, an on-site fitness center, and many others!

Parking is a bigger deal than you might think near the shore, where you may have had to circle several blocks for space during the summer. By finding a community that's close enough for a quick shore visit, but far enough away to avoid the worst of the crowds, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

These are just a few of the factors you'll want to consider when searching for an apartment near the shore this spring. Don't forget to look at the amount of space, the number of rooms, the utilities, and other specifications about the apartment before making any decisions. Remember: living close to the shore is great – but only if the property meets your specific needs!

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