Monday, June 23, 2014

What to Look for in NJ Luxury Townhomes

NJ is enjoying tremendous success and that means more people want quality, comfortable homes. For many, that means the search for luxury townhomes in NJ is on. But what should you look for in a NJ luxury townhome? Here are our top four suggestions:

  • Location – Much of Jersey is on the rise, but that doesn't mean all areas are affected equally. Areas around New York City and the suburbs surrounding it are probably the biggest hub of an up-and-coming economy—and a real estate market with it. For those who want to live a bit outside of the hubbub, but near enough to have relatively easy access, areas like Edison and South Plainfield are always a good option. No matter where you look for luxury townhomes in NJ, make sure that the immediate neighborhood, and not just the overall community, suits your taste.
  • Quality everything – It would be easy to add a dozen items to a "must have" list: quality construction, quality floors, quality fixtures… the list goes on. The reality is that if a townhome is being marketed as a "luxury" property, then it needs to shine in just about every department. Everything should be made of quality materials that will last for many years to come, and survive some normal wear and tear. Likewise, it should all be stylish – and that includes the furnishings, as well as the unified whole.  

  • Privacy – This is a huge thing that many people don't think about when gawking over the giant bathrooms or the open kitchen. Your townhome will be joined at one or both sides to your neighbors' homes. How much privacy do you have? How soundproof is it? Has landscaping been used to give you a privacy screen in your yard? It's worthwhile to talk to neighbors and ask if they've ever had noise problems and how well they can hear TVs, music, and conversations that aren't theirs.
  • Attractive surroundingsThe best luxury townhomes in NJ aren't just luxurious inside, but gorgeous on the outside. How well have the yards been landscaped? What is the view like? And what do you think of the surrounding buildings and streets? Is the building stylish and well-designed? You shouldn't come home to a place that's labeled "luxury" and not want to look out of the window.

What else do you look for in luxury townhomes in NJ?


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Things to Bring When Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting can be stressful. So don’t make the experience any harder on yourself than it has to be. Everyone looking for an apartment should have certain essentials that make finding the perfect apartment easy.
Tape Measurer
Don’t underestimate the value of a tape measurer when looking at potential apartments. Before going on the hunt, measure some of your larger pieces of furniture like your bed, couch or dining room table. Then, you’ll be able to double check that the apartment will fit all your things. Empty or perfectly staged apartments can be extremely misleading, so don’t just assume everything will fit.

Since almost everyone has a camera in their phone, this will most likely be the easiest thing to bring on an apartment search. If you are visiting several apartments in a row, take pictures of each one to help with the decision process. Otherwise, you might end up with a kitchen that is not as large as you remember it.

A List of Must-Have’s
Carefully craft a short list of one to three items that you must have in your future home. These are the ultimate items you can’t see living without or you’ll walk. Share this with the realtor before the apartment search. By having a short list, it should allow the realtor room to show you a variety of apartments.

Sometimes apartment hunting can get lethal, when there is one amazing apartment and several interested parties. If you fall in love with an apartment that will be fought over, having a list of references from former landlords or employers can help give you an advantage.

A friend
It’s always nice to have another set of eyes. When another person tags along, you are able to notice both positive and negative aspects that you might have otherwise overlooked. Just don’t bring a Negative Nancy who will find no redeeming qualities in any apartment. A friend should help point out things here and there, but otherwise let you form your own opinion about each space.

To successfully find the perfect apartment for you among the various luxury apartments in New Jersey, you’ll need the right tools. If you bring the above things on your apartment search, you’ll manage to snag the perfect apartment for you.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What Do Landlords look for in Lessees?

 There is no doubt that New Jersey offers a plentiful amount of commercial properties to lease out to promising companies, whether they are start-ups or if they are well-established, many options exist in the market. One question that many renters forget to think about is, “what does the landlord expect?”
As much as you’d like to get into a new property and start making money, you have to consider the other side of the business deal, the landlord. Owners of these properties care about the sites they rent out and don’t want to worry about having a bad tenant.

Some of the things landlords check may surprise you, but being prepared can help:
  • Set Rules – Some landlords form regulations and guidelines for using their property. Keep in mind the landlord is just trying to protect their assets. Typically they will be enforced through a lease document that gets signed between the tenant and the landlord to clearly communicate the proper usage.
  • Credit Score – This score can quickly provide the guarantor’s and tenant’s financial condition. The lease will only be as strong as the score but being prepared with other assets like cash can increase the odds of approval.
  • Transfers – In the event you ever want to transfer your business to a new owner, you have to keep in mind that the landlord may have some control over that transfer. At the end of the day, you are leasing property from a landlord who put trust into your business being profitable and you met all of their requirements to use their site. If you plan on transferring your business, that new business owner should also meet those requirements. 
  • Insurance – Having safe-guards and protections set in place like insurance is something that a landlord will expect. Being able to verify an insurance policy to a landlord will provide an adequate safety net against unexpected events.
  • Plans – Sometimes landlords like to look over business plans of prospective tenants because they want to make sure you will be a good fit. The ability to review a business plan gives the landlord a better perspective of your goals and outlines the financial commitment you can provide to them. Also, they may evaluate whether you have the value of synergy with other businesses. If you can make a positive impact on other companies nearby, that factor will increase the likelihood of leasing.

Landlords use their commercial properties as investments from lessees and expect a great business relationship from one to another. 

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What to Look for in Commercial Properties in NJ

New Jersey has a strong economy and there are a lot of businesses seeking commercial property for lease in NJ. But that doesn't mean you have to settle for a space that doesn't suit you! To make sure your commercial space is perfect for your business, look for these key features:

  • Location – The first rule in business is that location matters. The second rule in business is… that location matters! If you're opening a commercial space that is going to directly serve customers, then chances are good that you've already done your research on the best location. But the opposite also holds true. If you plan to use your commercial property for a call center, shipping center, administrative office or business-to-business base of operations, then do you really need to pay a premium price for a great high-traffic location? Or could you save money on the lease by opting for somewhere a little less visible without seeing your business suffer? Often, management companies with commercial property for lease in NJ will show you the most visible locations first, but ask to see what's off the beaten path.
  • Customizability – Most commercial properties for lease in NJ will not be ready to use as-is, or may have quirks you'd rather not have to work around. Commercial property managers should understand this and have open, encouraging policies for businesses who want to do light remodeling. It should not be problematic to remove or add some walls, to repaint, to add modular offices, or even to change the flooring and install finer materials and fixtures.
  • Scalability – Is your business growing and how long does your lease last? Avoid a situation where you are locked into a space with no options for when you get bigger. Property managers should be able to offer leases with an option to expand. Ask up front about how much additional empty space is available in the building and when they expect the building to fill up.
  • Robust management – In one way, commercial property for lease in NJ is just like any other kind of property: things wear out. A good management company can make all the difference in renting commercial property. When HVAC is failing to maintain conditions in your commercial space, how quickly will the management company respond and will they take the matter seriously? How is the property maintained? What aspects of maintenance and repairs are clearly identified as your building management's responsibility and what items will you have to deal with on your own? Business leases vary widely by property, purpose, and management company – make sure your manager is going to handle everything you need them to.

What else do you look for in a commercial property for lease in NJ?


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