Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Things to Bring When Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting can be stressful. So don’t make the experience any harder on yourself than it has to be. Everyone looking for an apartment should have certain essentials that make finding the perfect apartment easy.
Tape Measurer
Don’t underestimate the value of a tape measurer when looking at potential apartments. Before going on the hunt, measure some of your larger pieces of furniture like your bed, couch or dining room table. Then, you’ll be able to double check that the apartment will fit all your things. Empty or perfectly staged apartments can be extremely misleading, so don’t just assume everything will fit.

Since almost everyone has a camera in their phone, this will most likely be the easiest thing to bring on an apartment search. If you are visiting several apartments in a row, take pictures of each one to help with the decision process. Otherwise, you might end up with a kitchen that is not as large as you remember it.

A List of Must-Have’s
Carefully craft a short list of one to three items that you must have in your future home. These are the ultimate items you can’t see living without or you’ll walk. Share this with the realtor before the apartment search. By having a short list, it should allow the realtor room to show you a variety of apartments.

Sometimes apartment hunting can get lethal, when there is one amazing apartment and several interested parties. If you fall in love with an apartment that will be fought over, having a list of references from former landlords or employers can help give you an advantage.

A friend
It’s always nice to have another set of eyes. When another person tags along, you are able to notice both positive and negative aspects that you might have otherwise overlooked. Just don’t bring a Negative Nancy who will find no redeeming qualities in any apartment. A friend should help point out things here and there, but otherwise let you form your own opinion about each space.

To successfully find the perfect apartment for you among the various luxury apartments in New Jersey, you’ll need the right tools. If you bring the above things on your apartment search, you’ll manage to snag the perfect apartment for you.

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