Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How To Prepare For A Lease

Congratulations! You’ve decided to look for a new place to live which is an exciting time in your life. You’ve narrowed down your search from the numerous luxury townhomes you’ve looked at and now it’s time to move forward. With this new change, are you prepared to sign for a lease? Preparing for a lease can take some time but you should get all your proper documents and paperwork in order before you sign away. Be sure you have the following things covered before your lease starts:

1.      Renters Insurance. If you haven’t had renters insurance before, you may want to check some rates for the specific place you have in mind. Renters insurance is more than likely a must-have requirement in the lease agreement you are looking at. This type of insurance will cover any damages that may occur during your occupancy. Also, if you were to experience a loss of some sort, like a natural disaster, the insurance will be able to replace the things that were damaged.
2.      Security Deposit. Many times you will come across a lease agreement that requires some type of money up front. This is very typical when looking at townhomes, apartments and anywhere else that requires a lease. They may range from a nominal fee to upwards of a month or two’s rent. Don’t be discouraged if you face such a situation because these types of deposits are looking out for the landlord’s property. Just be ready to have some type of money set aside specifically for a deposit if needed.
3.      Credit Check. In addition to the security deposit, some leases will require a credit check before the process can be finished. With that being said, make sure you monitor your credit score and fix any problems it may have. This will increase your odds of securing a new place!
4.      Service Providers. Once you have the above checked out and in line, you should begin to look for service providers in the area you are moving to. Do you want TV cable service and internet? Hunt around online to find the best provider with the best deal to fit your budget.
5.      Utilities. Often times, you will need to put various utilities in your name like electric, gas and water before you officially move in. Be sure you find out what companies manage those utilities and set up the accounts to begin service on the day you move in so you can have those amenities active.

After you have everything ready to go for your lease, you can continue preparing for the move. Don’t forget to furnish your new luxury townhome so you can start living comfortably!

Bonus Tip: Make sure you measure your new place to ensure your furniture will fit. Take measurements of the entryways, stairwells, hallways and tight corners!

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