Saturday, August 2, 2014

5 Things Every NJ Condo Should Have

The condo market in NJ is hot right now and there’s a good reason so many people are seeking out new condos in NJ: better units, better RA’s and better benefits. But not every new condo is created equal. Here’s what to look for to make sure you get your money’s worth:

  1. Location. It may seem cliché but location truly is everything. When you start looking at condos you’re considering a long term investment. It has to not only look good but also have lasting value. New condos in NJ are spread all over the place, from key locations that will continue to be desirable to throwaway developments. Look at what works for you in terms of career, culture and family and you’ll find the locations with lasting value.
  2. Privacy. One thing that many new condos in NJ are starting to concentrate on is privacy. True, a condo is a community and whether it is apartment-style or townhomes, the units will share walls. But for many years, condo developers made no effort to use intelligent layout, quality building materials, or landscaping features to provide noise reduction and privacy. Newer developments are starting to see the light and it makes all the difference.
  3. Luxury. Now we’re talking. A condo is not only a place to hang your hat; it should be a step above other housing in the area. That’s because you are making an investment, and luxury units keep their value and appreciate faster than regular condos—by a long shot. If you’re considering new condos in NJ then focus on those with the quality building materials and complete landscaping and interior features to make your purchase worthwhile.
  4. Amenities. In new condos in NJ, amenities consist of a lot more than just a fitness center—although that’s a good start. Many condo developments today will offer a club space where you can gather with friends and guests. Pools and saunas remain popular, and more new condos in NJ are also offering outside fitness options such as a landscaped walking/running trail as well. Sheltered parking, office facilities and other perks also put a condo a step above the rest.
  5. Security. This is where you can’t compromise. Not all new condos in NJ need to be gated, but they do need to offer robust security solutions. That includes, at a minimum, complete round the clock camera surveillance.
What are you looking for in new condos in NJ?

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