Friday, August 1, 2014

What NOT To Look For in NJ Townhomes

What does luxury mean to you? To some New Jersey property managers, it means something different. There’s a wide variation in luxury townhomes in NJ but some shouldn’t even be allowed to use the term. Here’s what to avoid if you’re looking for a luxury townhome:

  • “Furnished” with your old dorm furniture. Didn’t you leave this stuff behind some time in the early 2000’s? A lot of building managers try to get in on the corporate housing market by throwing together a few furnished rooms in the cheap. We’re sorry, but a Wal-Mart rug and a few garage sale couches are not the makings of luxury townhomes in NJ. Of course, if you like mismatched plates and one non-nonstick frying pan for all your cooking needs, maybe this is the pad you’ve been looking for. Otherwise, keep searching.
  • Luxury as a marketing buzzword. Sometimes actually creating a luxury townhome in NJ is too much work or too much expense. I mean, think of the poor overworked building manager. Wouldn’t it be easier just to say it’s “luxury” and hope you find someone who doesn’t ask too many questions? Unfortunately that’s what all too many townhome managers do. Here’s what we recommend: look at some regular apartments in addition to luxury townhomes. If you find a “luxury” unit that’s indistinguishable from a regular apartment except for the price tag, keep walking.
  • Amenities that are tacked on. Have you ever been told that a complex has a gym, only to find out that it’s two exercise bikes and a weight set in a closet somewhere? We don’t like that either. Amenities are supposed to be there to  make your life easier, more comfortable or more convenient—not just to check a box on an online listing somewhere. Whether it’s the gym, a pool, building-wide Wi-Fi or any other luxury, make sure that it works and that it lives up 100% to your expectations.
  • Bubba’s Security. One thing that marks out the best luxury townhomes in NJ is robust security systems. But to some building managers security seems to be an afterthought. If a buzzer from the front lobby is the only thing keeping unwanted guests out, then that’s not luxury. Look for a 24/7 premises-wide camera system at a minimum. Some luxury townhomes in NJ even have security guards on patrol around the clock.
What do you look for in luxury townhomes in NJ?

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