Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 Top Reasons To Live Near Public Transportation

If you don’t live close to public transit, then you might want to start packing boxes and looking for a new place to live! Public transportation plays a pivotal role in society because it gives people easy access to the places they want to go with speed and efficiency. It's safe to say that millions of people travel by public transit every day and according to American Public Transportation Association, over 10.8 billion trips were taken just in 2014 which is the highest rate ever recorded in 58 years! Just by these numbers, you can clearly see that public transit, in all forms, is quite popular and the reasons for this is nearly endless. Check out the top three reasons why you need to live by public transportation!

1. Convenience
One of the most popular reasons why Americans love public transportation is that it offers extreme convenience. Hopping on a commuter train, bus or trolley can get you to numerous locations like work, the store and many others, so the convenience factor for this type of transportation is high. On top of that, many trans systems run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which means you'll always be able to go where you want, when you want.

2. Stress-Free
Everyone can attest to the daily frustrations of driving to work (or anywhere else), sitting in traffic and navigating congested roads! When you live near public transportation, you can walk out the door and head to the closest stop to aboard your stress-free ride to your destination. No longer do you have to deal with all the stresses involved with driving because you can just jump on and relax.

3. Cost Effective
The most obvious reason to live near public transit is its' cost effectiveness. When you compare costs of monthly transit passes to the cost of a car payment, insurance, gas and maintenance, you'll see a big difference. The money you save could go to other things you enjoy because it could cut travel costs by 50% or more! How nice would it be to beat high gas prices? Additionally, public transportation may reduce travel time to places like work and school which means you'll be able to use that extra time elsewhere!

Are these three reasons enough to make you want to move? You'll benefit from public transit when you start looking for new townhomes in NJ near convenient transportation stations and stops! Start searching for your new place today!

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